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ORIGINS: Revolutionary at the forefront

LAUNDRAFÉ&Co. started out as a dream formulated by our beloved CEO, Elcid B. Lao. A revolutionary idea, concept, and never before seen in the Philippines that aims to break the norm of the typical “hassle of doing laundry chores” by housing it within the confines and comfort of a café. His mission is to make doing laundry a relaxing task done while enjoying a basking in an ambiance of a full setup café.
The company was founded by 4 visionaries namely Elcid Lao, Jericho Montano, Rhodessa Belen, and Jason Belen along with a partnership with our personally selected Coffee and Pastry Masters to deliver the most exquisite Laundromat and Café Service.

The Visionary

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Elcid B. Lao


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